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29 April 2010 @ 04:23 pm
Received my first letter from sadnlonleyme today! I will be mailing out my first letter tomorrow :D
15 March 2010 @ 05:34 pm
 I got my first letter today! Woooo! 

In the process of writing my return letter, will probably go out tomorrow.
07 March 2010 @ 11:16 pm
Put my first letter into the post this afternoon, so it should be going out tomorrow morning.
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03 March 2010 @ 02:14 pm
full nameChara Papadopoulou

age & birthday: 18,  15/1/1992

email address: niki_antigoni@hotmail.com

country: Greece

what are you doing with your life?: Right now, I m a senior in High School. Which is a very tiring business if you go to School in Greece.
I m off in two months and I ll probably get a job and figure out what exactly I want to study. Like, maybe. I hope so. :P

hobbies/interests/stuff you like?: When I had more free time I used to read a lot, it s what I enjoy to do most. I plan to keep on doing that after the exams. I read poetry, fiction, greek and foreign literature. I also like writing, whatever it is to be written. I like the feeling of...filling white pages with words and the feeling of having a pen in your hand, it s like my weapon.  I like walking, especially on sunny afternoons, I think sightseeing is awesome, I d rather visit a museum than go to a club, I m into movies though I don t watch many and I rarely go to the cinema. I m kind of-and only kind of-addicted to chocolate and bread and I drink 2 cups of green tea every day.

how would you like to be contacted?: By mail, I guess

mailing address: Well, I m not so sure I m ready to announce it  now. Ask for it and you ll have it right away.
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02 March 2010 @ 02:08 pm
full name: Ande Murphy

age & birthday: 17, November 18

email address: cullenlove101276@gmail.com

country: USA

what are you doing with your life?: Well, I am currently a high school senior. I plan on going to college next year and majoring in English and then going on to hopefully work at a publishing house sometime in the future.

hobbies/interests/stuff you like?: Reading, writing, anime, manga, photography, drawing (not very well though), television, rain, fanfiction, books in general, traveling, and a lot more things but I think this is enough for now.

how would you like to be contacted?: Email is fine. And I check it often.

mailing address: Message me for this pls.
26 February 2010 @ 04:09 pm

full name: Kelsey Shields
age & birthday: 17, September 24th
email address: kelseyshields@msn.com
country: USA
what are you doing with your life?: Right now I'm a senior in high school. I'm starting college in the fall to major in Biology and minor in Environmental Studies.
hobbies/interests/stuff you like?: Music (80s, j- and k-pop, & classical), veterinary medicine, conservation biology, zoology, neurology, anatomy, random facts, shopping, eating, getting fat, watching television, reading, writing, singing, role-playing, manga, asian dramas, Japanese, French, foreign music, playing my Xbox 360, going the movies, nature.
how would you like to be contacted?: Email or PM is fine with me.
mailing address:
Message me for this, please! Just don't feel comfortable broadcasting it. (:
26 February 2010 @ 01:32 pm
hi and welcome to 400in20letters!
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