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02 March 2010 @ 02:08 pm
Introduction ♥  
full name: Ande Murphy

age & birthday: 17, November 18

email address: cullenlove101276@gmail.com

country: USA

what are you doing with your life?: Well, I am currently a high school senior. I plan on going to college next year and majoring in English and then going on to hopefully work at a publishing house sometime in the future.

hobbies/interests/stuff you like?: Reading, writing, anime, manga, photography, drawing (not very well though), television, rain, fanfiction, books in general, traveling, and a lot more things but I think this is enough for now.

how would you like to be contacted?: Email is fine. And I check it often.

mailing address: Message me for this pls.
wtfuwhorewtfuwhore on April 17th, 2011 10:55 pm (UTC)
Hello! I'm Monique. I'm 18 years old(turning 19 in two weeks) a freshman in college in Ohio, soon to be sophomore because the semester is ending next week!XD I love listening to music/audiobooks, reading, knitting, watching movies, and fanfiction also!

we should definitely be penpals