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400in20letters's Journal

a snailmail project, 400 facts in 20 letters.
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welcome to 400in20letters
this community is made based on a idea that i suddenly got one day and decided to carry out. it proved successful for sign-ups in the first round so let's see how it goes!

the idea is that when you sign up for the project, you are allocated a partner at random. with this partner, you both send a total of 400 facts about yourselves, spread over 20 letters... so that means you write 20 facts each time. in total, you both end up with 20 letters, 20 facts per one and 400 all together. then you can either be penpals or whatever you like. :)

you can also participate in independent/private fact rounds here and find a partner. you must join the community in order to see all entries and participate.

rules rules rules.
+ communication with your partner is essential. if you stop sending facts to your partner, you will be posted under the "hall of shame", no questions. do not sign up to a round if something may come in the way.

+ you must post with your introduction and address as soon as you join. if you do not do this within 48 hours you will be removed from the community. your address is important otherwise you cannot participate in rounds or swaps.

+ the whole idea of this is to send 20 facts per letter. please do not extend this. please do not write a letter including written prose, questions, responses or anything else to your partner. i know this may seem tempting, but this is the whole idea of this project. stick to 20 facts for 20 letters and then you can penpal. :) obviously i can't stop you, and i don't want to seem strict... but you can get penpals from anywhere (penpals) whereas this project is for facts.

+ if you are participating in a round, you must keep up to date here. this may seem tedious, but PLEASE post here when you send and receive to a partner, each time. this way i can keep track of who is sending what and if something goes wrong along the way i can track it easily.

+ you can sign up for a partner in this community only when there is a sign-up post. round 2 is TBA as round 1 starts today, 26/2/10. you can see the sign-up post here to get a general idea of them and more information on the rounds themselves.

+ do not use this community to find penpals. if you do that, your post will be deleted. either wait for a round or go and find an independent fact swap partner (read below, check tags)

+ do not post here asking to sign up to a round. if you do, i will delete the post. you sign up to a round when the sign ups are posted, so if you can't see it and it's not in the tags then there isn't a round to sign up too. simple.

+ take pictures of your letters (without address, obviously, for privacy reasons) if the stationery is cute, if you're swapping photos or anything else. if you want, obviously.

+ if you have any problems, such as your partner hasn't been in touch or you decided to end your round, please post here and let me know.

+ when you have completed a round (which may take a while for 20 letters) you will be posted here under the "completed round participants". this shows that you are a positive letter sender and you are loyal, which helps to match you up in future rounds if you chose so.

+ email me ONLY if you need to change your address and put "400in20letters/address change" in the subject line. anything else you need help with, go to the problem page. the link is at the bottom of the page.

+ TAGS. tag with your username and whoever you are mentioning. when you are posting an introduction, tag with that. if you don't do this i'll delete your post.

independent fact swaps.
not only can you sign up for rounds here, but you can participate in independent fact swaps. these are very different from the rounds so if you do not want to participate in these, just wait for a round to be posted.

what are independent swaps?
independent swaps are where you are interested in sending 20 facts on a card/postcard or short letter to someone in this community. this can be a one-off swap for when you have time or whatever else.

is it encouraged that you do not directly let your partner know when you are sending them 20 facts. this is nicer and gives them a surprise. instead, post into the community with "outbox" or "sent independent swap to:" that way i can track it, again. vice versa, when you receive something make sure you post to the community otherwise your partner/I won't know!

how do i find a partner?
check the community and read people's introductions. their addresses will be posted in their introduction. you can also check the memories and find someone there, where people as listed by their usernames: their addresses are inside there.

how do i post my introduction?
use the form below. please MAKE SURE you tag with "introduction" and "your username" otherwise people won't be able to find you! if your introduction is fine, i will then add it to memories.

make sure you post LOCKED otherwise everyone will be able to see your address.

full name:
age & birthday:
email address:
what are you doing with your life?:
hobbies/interests/stuff you like?:
how would you like to be contacted?:
mailing address: (term time & non-term time please separate & indicate when to use which address)

round 1 partners
help/problem page
hall of shame and positive partners

affiliates would be fantastic! just head over to the help/problem page and ask. related communities/creative/etc only please. :)